7 Neurodivergent Educators On Social Media We're Grateful For

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Confused by the latest neurodiversity lingo?

Wondering what it’s like to navigate the world with ADHD? Autism? Or another neurodivergent condition?

Look no further than Instagram and TikTok!

A wave of brilliant neurodivergent creators are sharing their unique lived experiences in fun and informative ways.

They’re breaking down stereotypes, fostering self-understanding, and making neurodivergence relatable.

We’re so grateful for these neurodivergent educators. And if you follow them too? We think you’ll discover a whole new perspective on what it means to thrive!

1. Sonny Jane Wise

Sonny Jane Wise in colourful clothing sits looking up with text on the left

Meet Sonny Jane, your friendly neighbourhood neurodiversity cheerleader!

Diagnosed with autism and ADHD as a kid, they know firsthand the frustration of feeling misunderstood. So they’ve become a powerful voice advocating for a neurodiversity-affirming future.

Sonny Jane’s all about unpacking neuronormativity and smashing down stereotypes with workshops, public speaking, and an awesome online presence.

They’re the author of the ”Neurodiversity Friendly Workbook of DBT Skills” (because who says self-help can’t be neurodivergent friendly?). And their new book, ”We’re All Neurodiverse,” is a must-read!

Instagram: @livedexperienceeducator

TikTok: @livedexperienceeducator

2. Courn Ahn

Courn has vibrant pink hair and colourful makeup and smiles at the camera with text on the right

Courn’s a graphic designer who transforms their passions into stunning video content.

They explore neurodivergence and social justice with an intersectional lens.

From sensory-friendly home design tips to autistic insights and disability rights. All while showcasing their signature bubblegum aesthetic.

Courn offers a relatable and honest perspective on managing neurodivergence and embracing self-care.

You’ll find a world of self-acceptance, artistic expression, and a whole lot of autistic joy! And their engaging approach will leave you feeling empowered and seen.

Instagram: @candy.courn

TikTok: @candy.courn

3. Bernadette Gorczyca

Bernadette smiles at the camera with a lavender field in the background and text on the left

You might think neurodivergent means autistic or ADHD, right? But many conditions fall under the neurodivergent umbrella. And migraine is one of them.

In fact, many people with autism/ADHD also have migraine as a co-occurring condition. Including our co-founder and composer, Tahlee.

We’ve learned that migraine is more than just a bad headache. It’s more akin to epilepsy.

And a migraine attack can include a range of symptoms including light/sound sensitivity, fatigue, nausea and even aphasia.

Bernadette is a wonderful educator and advocate for living well with migraine.

Instagram: @chronicaccounts

TikTok: @chronicaccounts

4. Imani Barbarin

Imani looks to the left smiling in a dark green top with text on the right

If you’re disabled and tired of societal barriers, then Imani Barbarin is for you.

Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a young age, Imani uses her voice to smash stereotypes and fight for disability inclusion.

She’s a multi-talented powerhouse – a writer, speaker, actor and social media creator. And she tackles tough issues like ableism, racism and disability justice with fierce empathy.

Her blog and video content contains discussions about disability experiences. Along with a healthy dose of her dry wit and advocacy for societal change.

Imani is an incredible activist who champions intersectionality and tearing down the status quo.

Instagram: @crutches_and_spice

TikTok: @crutches_and_spice

5. Dr Sasha Hamdani

Dr Sasha sits holding a phone in her hands with text on the left

Dr Sasha is a board-certified psychiatrist and fierce advocate for women with ADHD.

Although initially reluctant to create social media content, she’s now close to one million followers on TikTok.

Probably because her engaging videos are also backed by solid research and data. Which is a breath of fresh air in today’s misinformation-soaked media.

She’s created a safe space to discuss mental health, bust myths about ADHD, and reduce stigma.

It’s this kind of discourse that can lead to diagnosis, treatment and a better quality of life for many people. And in turn, she’s surrounded by an incredibly supportive community.

Instagram: @thepsychdoctormd

TikTok: @thepsychdoctormd

6. Dr Rachel Barr

A close up of Dr Rachel with long hair as she smiles at the camera with text on the right

With her delightful lilting accent, Dr Rachel Barr is a trusted voice when it comes to explaining brain science.

She can break down complex topics into understandable and digestible info. Answering questions such as “What happens when we dream?” and “How does the brain process time”? to “Can personality disorders be cured?”

Every video she shares is empathic and neurodiversity-affirming.

Dr Rachel is also autistic and speaks often about the science behind neurodivergence such as autism, ADHD and mental health.

She’s also just announced an upcoming book called “Make Your Brain Your Best Friend”. It’ll be launching in early 2025 so keep an eye out!

Instagram: @drrachelbarr

TikTok: @drrachelbarr

7. Dr Joey Lawrence

Dr Joey wears glasses and a colourful top with bright blue sky behind her and text on the left

Dr. Joey Lawrence isn’t just a highly qualified clinical psychologist and neuropsychology registrar. She’s also a passionate advocate for neurodiversity-affirming care.

Driven by her own experiences with autism, ADHD, and PDA, Dr. Lawrence uses her expertise to create clear and informative content.

She explains the latest research, empowers neurodivergents and challenges misconceptions.

Dr Joey also runs Neudle Psychology - a neurodivergent-led psychology practice specialising in mental health support for other neurodivergents.

Instagram: @neudle_psychology

TikTok: @nd_psych


The days of one-size-fits-all education are over. This incredible group of neurodivergent educators proves you can gain a wealth of knowledge from a fresh perspective.

By following them on social media, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity, challenge your biases, and discover valuable tools for navigating your neurotype (or those of the people you care about).

Plus, learning about different ways of thinking and experiencing the world can foster empathy, creativity, and a more inclusive society. Win-win!

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