Deep Focus? Better Sleep? Why Meditones Are So Good for ADHD

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Do you ever wish you could hit a "calm" button for your brain?

For us ADHDers, the constant mental chatter can make it hard to focus, relax, or sleep. But what if there was a simple way to quiet the noise and create a state of tranquility?

Enter meditones®: a unique blend of science and sound designed to help your brain achieve the same calm state as meditation, effortlessly.

The Science of Meditones

Binaural beats use a clever trick to help guide your brain into calm.

When two slightly different frequencies of sound combine, they create a humming vibration. This vibration is called a binaural beat. And when you listen to this vibration in headphones? It’s fascinating how the brain responds.

Usually, the brain processes sound in the auditory cortex. Instead, the whole brain processes binaural beats to create calm brain waves. Like the ones you produce during focus, meditation and sleep.

For example, when you listen to a vibration at 10 Hertz in headphones, your brain will produce brain waves of 10 Hertz.

Illustration of a person wearing headphones listening to Alpha meditones at 10 Hz

This is in the Alpha range of brainwaves. Which your brain produces during calm focus and concentration. So you’ll start to feel more focused just by listening to binaural beats at 10 Hz. Effortlessly.

But meditones are more than binaural beats.

Our meditones combine binaural beats with beautiful ambient music. This powerful combination creates a calming and immersive soundscape. Which unlocks a deeper state of relaxation and sharper focus.

Common challenges for ADHDers

  • Focus differences: While ADHD might seem like an attention deficit, it’s actually about differences in attention regulation.
  • Sleep struggles: Many ADHDers battle insomnia and delayed sleep onset. It can be hard to switch off a busy ADHD brain to fall asleep.
  • Wake up feeling groggy: ADHDers may feel less alert in the morning because of potential differences in sleep-wake cycles.
  • Co-occurring anxiety: Roughly half of adults with ADHD also have anxiety.
  • High need for novelty: ADHD brains thrive on new and stimulating experiences.
  • Emotional dysregulation: A core component of ADHD is difficulties regulating emotions, including rejection sensitivity.

Benefits of meditones for people with ADHD

Side view of man lying on couch with eyes closed and headphones on holding a phone

  • Easier than meditation: meditones work effortlessly so you don’t need to learn a skill like meditation
  • No need to concentrate: meditones do the work for you to increase brain waves associated with focus
  • Don’t have to practice: there’s no skill to learn so you can use meditones anytime, anywhere
  • Works within minutes: meditones work straight away so you can focus deeper, calm down quicker or fall asleep faster
  • Works consistently: you know you have a tool you can always rely on
  • Library of different tracks: novelty is the spice of ADHD life so having a variety of options is appealing

Which meditones work for ADHD

Brain WaveFrequencyBenefits
Alpha8 - 12 Hz
  • Improve focus
  • Reduce distractions
  • Wake up feeling alert
Theta4 - 8 Hz
  • Soothe overwhelm
  • Calm racing thoughts
  • Regulate your emotions
Delta0.5 - 4 Hz
  • Wind down
  • Relieve insomnia
  • Have deep restful sleep

Meditones To Improve Focus

Alpha brain waves help you feel calm without getting too sleepy. They are naturally dominant when you’re daydreaming or lightly focused.

So, Alpha meditones are the perfect way to begin your day with calm and clarity.

You could listen to Alpha meditones while:

  • Lying in bed to help you wake up feeling refreshed
  • Walking to work for an energised morning
  • Sitting on public transport for calm travel
  • During a work task that requires focus and concentration

Meditones To Calm Overwhelm & Relieve Stress

When you’re producing Theta brain waves, you’re in a deeply relaxed mental state. You may even be drifting off to sleep.

So, Theta meditones help to soothe your nervous system and calm your mind.

You can listen to Theta meditones:

Meditones For Better Sleep

Sleeping dog wearing glasses & headphones with illustration of ZZZZs above their head

Delta brain waves are naturally dominant when you’re in a state of deep, restorative sleep.

So, Theta and Delta meditones will help you overcome insomnia and have restful sleep.

You can listen to Theta or Delta meditones:

How to Use Meditones on the Restful App

Ready to start listening to meditones to help your ADHD brain feel the best? Here’s how to use Restful.

  1. Grab your headphones.

Headphones are essential for experiencing the full meditones effect. We recommend noise-cancelling headphones, especially for neurodivergent people.

  1. Decide how you want to feel

Do you need to focus while you’re studying? Chill out during a work break? Or drift off to sleep?

We have a range of curated playlists you can choose from. Or you can browse & filter all tracks to your preferences.

Restful App Playlists Screenshot
Restful App Filter Tracks By Type Screenshot

On the Browse All page, you can:

  • Filter tracks based on mood
  • Filter tracks based on Brainwave (alpha for focus, theta for calm, delta for sleep)
  • Filter tracks based on genre or type of music
  1. Decide how long you want to listen to meditones.

On the Restful homepage, we have a quick-play menu with a customisable timer. The recommended tracks are based on your local time of day. Otherwise, you can filter tracks on the Explore page by length.

Restful Home Page Screenshot
Restful Filter Tracks By Length Screenshot

Here are some additional tips:

  • Experiment with different tracks: There are many different types of meditones available, so find ones that appeal to you. Remember to use the filters to find tracks labelled for focus, relaxation, or sleep. And if you find a track you love? Save it to your favourites!
  • Don’t worry about “clearing your mind”: There’s no need to do a thing. After a few minutes of listening, many people find that they just naturally “drop in”. Without any effort.
  • Listen regularly: For optimal results, incorporate meditones into your daily routine. Even short sessions can be beneficial.


Binaural beats change neural activity and can help you focus, relax or rest. And music has a proven effect on wellbeing.

Which is why at Restful, we combine binaural beats with beautiful ambient music to help you access even deeper states of bliss.

The Restful app can be a great addition to your self-care toolbox so you can feel calm and focused even with ADHD.

Discover a growing library of meditones inside the Restful app to help you feel calm & focus even with ADHD. Download for free today on Google Play or the App Store.