Do Meditones Have the Same Benefits as Binaural Beats?

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Have you ever tried to meditate but found it difficult?

Do you get easily overwhelmed or find it hard to calm down? Struggling with stress, anxiety or insomnia?

Then you might be thrilled to discover there is a tool that can help you feel instantly calm, and gain all the benefits of deep meditation like:

  • stress relief
  • reduced anxiety
  • restful sleep, and
  • better mood

They’re called meditones®.

Meditones help you produce calm brain waves effortlessly.

The best part? You don’t have to do a thing. Simply listen to them with headphones. And the meditones effect occurs easily & naturally.

The Benefits Of Meditones

Meditones help you feel:

  • instantly calm
  • more grounded
  • less anxious
  • light and inspired
  • clear and focused
  • relief from pain
  • relaxed and restored

Plus, long term use helps you to become and stay calm more often.

How Neuroplasticity Helps You Become A Calmer Person

As you listen to meditones, your brain is rewiring itself to be more calm, confident and resilient.

This is because of the science of neuroplasticity.

Years ago, scientists believed that we were born with a fixed number of brain cells that died as we aged. However, we now know that the brain is constantly changing and adapting to its environment.

Which means your brain has infinite potential for change.

When you use meditones, you expose your brain to calm states of consciousness. Then your brain adapts to that calm environment, making it easier to become a calmer person more often.

The more you use meditones, the stronger those calm neural pathways become. They physically become thicker through repetition.

Long Term Benefits of Meditones

Dirt path through a grassy field overlooking the ocean with a park bench in the middle

Imagine your brain as a large field of tall grass. There are a few different pathways across the field.

Some are well worn paths, others are slightly overgrown, and there are large patches of thick, impenetrable grass. Which path are you going to choose to cross the field?

The easiest solution is to choose the well worn path.

The same is true for your brain. It loves efficiency. So it’s much easier for the brain to choose a pathway that is thick and strong. 

Just like the well worn path through a field of tall grass, your neural pathways become thicker through repetition.

And the more you form calm neural pathways, the more your brain will choose calm responses instead.

Which means, the more you use meditones, the stronger those calm neural pathways become. Making it easier to become and stay calm naturally.

Understanding Brain Waves

Before we can talk about how meditones work, we first need to understand brain waves.

Your brain is made up of billions of neurons that use electrical signals to communicate.

When neurons fire together to send signals to other neurons, the resulting patterns are known as brain waves.

Brain waves are measured by their frequency per second, or in Hertz (Hz). And there are four major types of brain waves that range from very slow to very fast.

You’re always producing all of these brain waves but you become dominant in one type depending on your activity.

Types of Brain Waves

BETA (12-30 Hz) - Dominant while you’re awake and actively engaged. Benefits include alert focus and logical thinking.

Graph of 5 seconds of Beta brain waves and their benefits

ALPHA (8-12 Hz) - Dominant during day dreaming and relaxation. Benefits include effortless calm and quiet reflection.

Graph of 5 seconds of Alpha brain waves and their benefits

THETA (4-8 Hz) - Dominant during REM sleep. Benefits include enhanced creative flow and intuition.

Graph of 5 seconds of Theta brain waves and their benefits

DELTA (1-4 Hz) - Dominant during deep, restorative sleep. Benefits include deep healing and regeneration.

Graph of 5 seconds of Delta brain waves and their benefits

Brain waves are measured in Hertz. And sound waves are also measured in Hertz.

Which means we can use sound waves to stimulate brain waves that resonate at the same frequency.

And this is how meditones work.

The Science Of Meditones

When two slightly different frequencies of pure sound are combined, a humming vibration is created.

These frequencies are called binaural beats and their results are completely backed by science.

When you listen to this vibration in headphones, the brain responds in a remarkable way.

Instead of processing the sound via the auditory cortex, the entire brain works in unison to create calm brain waves - similar to ones you produce during relaxation, deep meditation and sleep.

For example, when you listen to a vibration of 10 Hz, your brain will produce brain waves of 10 Hz or Alpha brain waves. Helping you feel relaxed and blissful. Effortlessly.

Illustration of a person wearing headphones listening to Alpha meditones at 10 Hz

How Are Meditones Different to Binaural Beats?

At Restful, we combine binaural beats with contemporary ambient music, to create meditones. Because they’re tones that give you the benefits of deep meditation without any of the effort.

Music has long been proven to soothe. Listening to music activates the parasympathetic nervous system and reduces the stress response.

By combining binaural beats with soothing music, meditones are the perfect tool for feeling calm & restful. Anytime, anywhere.

Just like the types of brain waves, we can use types of music & binural beats to create meditones for any mood. For example:

  • Alpha meditones help you produce Alpha brain waves for calm focus

  • Theta meditones help you produce Theta waves to wind down & relax

  • Delta meditones help you produce Delta brain waves for a deep restful sleep.


Meditones are binaural beats combined with contemporary ambient music. Meditones give you all the benefits of meditation without the effort.

They can help you:

  • have restful sleep
  • relieve anxiety
  • relieve pain
  • wind down after a busy day, and
  • help you become a calmer person

Meditones are a gentle and effective tool for stress relief. And they work every single time without you having to do a thing. Simply listen with headphones and drift into calm.

Discover a growing library of meditones inside the Restful app. Download for free today on Google Play or the App Store.