How Meditones Help You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed Every Morning

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The robotic jangle of an alarm clock has jerked you out of a pleasant dream.

Groaning, you hit the snooze button and pull the covers tighter. A few minutes later, that sound ricochets around the room again. How did it get louder?!

Taking your sack-of-potatoes feeling and stumbling into the kitchen, you reach for the magical elixir… coffee.

Does anyone wake up feeling refreshed? you ask yourself as you struggle to find those blasted car keys again.

The good news is, yes. People can and do wake up feeling refreshed. And with some help from neuroscience, you can too.

Of course, the most important part of waking up refreshed is getting a good night’s sleep.

But if it’s morning already, you need something that will help you feel more awake now.

What Happens To Your Brain When You Wake Up

There are two dominant brain waves that occur during sleep:

  • Theta brain waves and
  • Delta brain waves.

Theta brain waves occur during REM sleep while you’re dreaming.

Graph of 5 seconds of Theta brain waves and their benefits

Delta brain waves occur during deep, dreamless sleep.

Graph of 5 seconds of Delta brain waves and their benefits

During sleep, your brain goes through cycles of light and deep sleep. Alternating between Theta and Delta states. When it’s time to wake up, a part of the brain called the reticular activating system switches on.

The RAS acts like a gatekeeper or filter for your brain. It senses both internal and external signals for attention. And can send neurochemical signals to wake up other parts of the brain.

The RAS filters sensory information to keep the brain alert & focused

For example, your RAS is responsible for waking you up when it senses you need to go to the bathroom. External sounds like an alarm clock or someone telling you to wake up can also switch on your RAS.

Once the RAS turns on, it can take some time for your whole brain and body to wake up.

This is because it takes a few minutes to clear all the “sleepy” neurochemicals from your brain. This lag is what’s responsible for you feeling slow first thing in the morning.

If you feel quite groggy, it’s possible you woke up during a deeper stage of sleep.

The deeper the sleep, the longer the lag between sleep and wakefulness. The longer the lag, the less refreshed you’ll feel.

What Are Alpha Brain Waves?

As you’re waking up, your brain starts to produce more Alpha brain waves.

You’re not focused on anything in particular or solving any big problems. You’re in a state of calm, wakeful rest.

Graph of 5 seconds of Alpha brain waves and their benefits

Benefits of Alpha waves include

  • calm focus,
  • reduced stress and
  • quiet reflection.

Brain waves are measured in Hertz (Hz). This is the number of times they cycle each second. Alpha waves are between 8-12 Hertz. This means the wave peaks 8 to 12 times per second.

Producing more Alpha brain waves helps you clear the cobwebs and reduce sleep lag. This means you can use Alpha meditones to help you wake up feeling clear, calm and refreshed.

Why Alpha Meditones Help You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed

Meditones are binaural beats combined with contemporary ambient music.

Binaural beats are precisely tuned frequencies of sound, that when heard with headphones, guide your brain into effortless calm.

Here’s how they work.

When two frequencies combine they create a humming vibration. When you listen to this vibration with a pair of headphones? Your brain synchronises to the vibrating frequency.

This means, when you listen to a vibration of 10Hz, your brain will produce brain waves of 10Hz.

Illustration of a person wearing headphones listening to Alpha meditones at 10 Hz

Brain waves of 10Hz are in the Alpha range. So by listening to meditones at 10Hz, you’ll start to produce Alpha brain waves and feel calm and focused. Effortlessly.

Alpha brain waves help you feel calm without getting too sleepy. They are naturally dominant when you’re daydreaming. Or during activities with a calm focus such as mindfulness meditation.

So, Alpha meditones are the perfect way to begin your day with calm and clarity.

You could listen to Alpha meditones while:

  • Lying in bed to help you wake up fresh & calm
  • Sitting up in bed for a focused meditation
  • Walking to work for an energised morning
  • Sitting on public transport for a calm, mindful journey

More Magical Morning Tips

A Black woman lying in a bed of white sheets stretches towards the camera and smiles with her eyes closed

There are a few more ways to boost your vitality and start the day feeling energised.

  1. Keep headphones by your bed. That way you can roll over, grab them and start listening to Alpha meditones right away
  2. Don’t hit snooze. Snoozing after you wake up gives you interrupted sleep and makes you feel worse. Set the alarm for when you actually have to get out of bed — and don’t hit snooze.
  3. Drink water. After sleeping all night, your body is dehydrated. And research from the Georgia Institute of Technology has shown even mild dehydration can impair memory as well as attention.


Alpha meditones help you wake up feeling refreshed. Because they help you produce similar brain waves you produce during calm focus.

Plus the meditones effect works every single time without you having to do a thing.

Even if you wake up feeling groggy or sleepy? Alpha meditones can help you gently awaken your brain.

Which means if you want to wake up feeling refreshed every morning? All you need are your headphones.

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