The Seekers' Sanctuary has become Restful

Restful Life
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A brand new meditones app by the creators of the Seekers’ Sanctuary.

When the Seekers’ Sanctuary launched in 2021, there was one blog post that really stood out. Every time this blog was shared, it’s resonated deeply with each person who read it.

That blog was about the difference between ritual and restful self-care.

For a long time, there has been an argument that self-care was either indulgent consumerism or a vital necessity.

There wasn’t a lot of nuance in the debate.

So we wrote a blog post as a way to discuss how self-care is both:

  • habitual care required for your survival (ritual self-care) and
  • a form of relaxation/rejuvenation (restful self-care).

Restful self-care feels like a critical element of life these days. To offset the trauma of the last few years and the relentless hustle of late-stage capitalism.

And of course one of the biggest benefits of meditones is the ability to rest so effortlessly. That feeling of putting on your headphones and immersing yourself in calm.

Plus meditones activate the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the ‘rest & digest’ system.

Which is why we decided to change our name from the Seeker’s Sanctuary to Restful.

The word Restful conjures up so much… ease, surrender, spaciousness…

And we think it more accurately describes what meditones do on the box.

Not Another Meditation App

“If you want to help someone’s mental health, don’t build an app”.

We’re drowning in apps. And they often make our mental health way worse. Yet the best way for people to experience meditones is from an app.

Being able to grab your phone, plug in your headphones and press play? You don’t have to go anywhere or make any effort.

They’re available anytime, anywhere.

Three preview images of the Restful app that shows the Explore page with playlists; a track player page; and a Browse All list of tracks

Meditones are especially helpful for neurodivergent people. If you struggle with traditional guided meditation, meditones are a fantastic alternative.

When you put on your headphones and all of a sudden, your body just relaxes…

When you’re drifting in and out of blissful consciousness…

When time just kind of disappears and you wake up feeling refreshed and grounded…

That’s the best thing about meditones. They work without you having to do a thing.

Who Is Restful?

Harley and Tahlee standing in front of green trees and a waterfall smiling

Restful was co-founded by Tahlee Rouillon and Harley Bussell.

Tahlee is our CEO and music composer.

After completing a Bachelor of Music in 2001, Tahlee has dedicated her life to writing soothing meditones music. Her sacred wordless vocals and emotive sonic landscapes often moves listeners to tears. Each piece of music is a feeling translated into sound. She’s a multiply neurodivergent who is obsessed with dogs, forests, and geeking out on neuroscience.

And Harley is our CTO.

Harley has 20 years of experience working in the software development field. He handles all the technical sides of the business, including development, design and fixing bugs. He loves his modular synth, cooking, and spending as much time in nature and the water as possible.

The Restful app is available now on Google Play and in the App Store