Why Meditones Might Be Better (& Easier) Than Guided Meditation

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Meditation is often promised as the panacea for stress.

But sometimes, traditional meditation practices can feel overwhelming. Especially if you’re neurodivergent.

Maybe you’ve tried sitting still and focusing your mind, but your thoughts keep racing. Or perhaps you find it hard to follow guided meditations that tell you exactly what to do.

You’re not alone. In fact, one study of 1,232 people found a quarter of them experienced unpleasant experiences during meditation such as anxiety, fear and distorted emotions.

But there’s an easy alternative to guided meditation. One that gives you all the calm without any of the effort.

They’re called meditones.

And unlike guided meditations, meditones offer a more passive approach. Allowing you to listen and experience calm. Effortlesly.

Effortless Relaxation

Trying to quiet the mind is a common challenge when trying to meditate. Our minds are often bombarded with thoughts, worries, and to-do lists.

Traditional meditation practices usually involve techniques to observe and detach from these thoughts. But this can be difficult. Especially if you struggle with racing thoughts or hypervigilance.

Meditones offer a different approach. They eliminate the need for focused attention or concentration.

You can simply sit back, pop on your headphones and listen. And the meditones effect guides your brain into a state of tranquility.

The Science of Calm

Close up of a woman with black curly hair softly smiling with her eyes closed

So how exactly do meditones do this magic? It all has to do with something called ”binaural beats.”

Our brains naturally produce brainwaves at different speeds. Slower brainwaves are produced during meditation and sleep. While faster ones are associated with alertness.

For example, Theta waves and Delta waves are dominant during relaxation and sleep. While faster waves, such as Alpha waves reflect calm focus.

Binaural beats use a clever trick to help guide your brain into calm.

When two slightly different frequencies of sound combine, they create a humming vibration. And when you listen to this vibration in headphones, the brain responds in a remarkable way.

The entire brain works in unison to create calm brain waves. Like the ones you produce during meditation and sleep.

For example, when you listen to a vibration at 4 Hertz in headphones, your brain will produce brain waves of 4 Hertz.

[Illustration of a person wearing headphones listening to Theta meditones at 4 Hz]

This is in the Theta range of deep calm. So you’ll start to feel deeply calm by listening to binaural beats at 4 Hz. Effortlessly.

The Power of Music

But meditones are more than just binaural beats.

They also incorporate beautiful ambient music. This music creates a calming and immersive soundscape to deepen your calm.

Many different benefits of music have been scientifically proven over the years. Such as:

Combining binaural beats with music makes meditones the perfect tool for feeling calm & restful. Anytime, anywhere.

Our neurodivergent music composer, Tahlee, has composed ambient music for two decades. And her zone of genius is translating emotion into sound.

So you know you’ll be hearing beautiful soothing music in the Restful app.

Finding Your Perfect Soundscape

Black pair of headphones on a white bed

Meditones are great because they offer so much variety. With a wide range of track options, you can find the perfect one to match your mood and preferences.

Whether you favour

  • contemporary classical music,
  • ethereal wordless vocals,
  • deep Nordic bass, or
  • spacious ambient music

there’s a meditones track for you. In the Restful app, you can filter by music genre, brain wave type and length.

We even have a homepage with easy recommendations depending on how long you want to listen.

Whatever your mood? There’s a meditones track that will complement how you want to feel.

Meditones vs Guided Meditation: Finding Your Fit

We’re not here to knock guided meditation. It’s a fantastic tool for many people. Guided meditations can provide structure, specific focus points, and helpful instructions.

You might find guided meditation helpful. But sometimes you may just want to kick back and let the sounds wash over you.

Or what if you find guided meditations annoying? Meditones offer a more effortless approach. They allow you to reach a deep state of calm without someone telling you what to do.

In either case, meditones can complement your existing meditation practice. Or let you gain all the benefits of guided meditation without any of the work.

Benefits of Meditones

Besides relaxation and stress reduction, meditones offer a range of other potential benefits:

  • Improved Sleep. The calming effects of meditones can make it easier to fall asleep and achieve more restful sleep.

  • Enhanced Focus. Regular use of meditones may help you wake up feeling refreshed and improve your ability to focus.

  • Reduced Anxiety. The relaxation response triggered by meditones can help to reduce anxiety and promote feelings of calm.

  • Pain Management: Some studies suggest that music may help relieve both acute pain and chronic pain.

  • Mood Improvement. The stress-reducing and calming properties of meditones may lead to improved mood.

  • Healing burnout: Some studies have suggested music can help reduce feelings of burnout.

Getting Started with Meditones

Woman lying in bed with hands under pillow, eyes closed wearing headphones

Ready to experience the benefits of meditones for yourself? Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space: Choose an environment free from distractions. This could be sitting in a comfortable chair or lying in bed before you sleep.

  • Choose a soundscape that appeals to you. Use the Explore page on the Restful app to filter for different types of tracks to discover what works best for you.

  • Simply listen and allow yourself to relax. There’s no need to focus on specific thoughts or visualizations. Allow the music and binaural beats to guide you towards a state of bliss.


Meditones offer a unique approach to achieving deep calm. They combine the power of binaural beats with ambient music to create calming soundscapes that help you unwind. Without any of the work.

Which can be beneficial if you find traditional meditation practices challenging or overwhelming.

Adding meditones to your self-care routine can be a powerful way to manage stress and improve your well-being.

Discover a growing library of meditones to help you feel effortlessly calm inside the Restful app. Download for free today on Google Play or the App Store.