We believe that everyone deserves to feel restful. And yet, not everyone has an equal opportunity to sustain this experience.

At Restful, we recognise that systemic inequality, capitalism, colonialism, racism, ableism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia impact felt safety. And we are committed to taking a stand against any and all bigotry.

Even though we are only a team of two (a White Australian cis-gendered woman and a biracial Australian cis-gendered man), we are committed to being anti-racist, accessible and inclusive.

This means that so far we:

Additionally we:

Please feel welcome to contact us with suggestions, feedback, or to hold us accountable for the pledges we have made to you here. You can reach us via email at hello@restfulapp.co

(This is a living document that we are committed to reviewing as a team at least once per year. This page last updated 10 May, 2024.)